T-Swift fans are buying up sparkly boots and fringe

Retailers are seeing an uptick in sequin dresses, fringe, and rhinestone boots thanks to tastemaker Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s impact on pop culture is so unstoppable, she’s got some fans dressing, as Glen Campbell would sing, “like a rhinestone cowboy.”

T-Swift fans are buying up sparkly boots and fringe

Throughout Swift’s Eras Tour, she’s been donning flashy sequin dresses, sparkly boots, and cowboy hats, leading to a surge in similar items among retailers, per CNN.

  • Hazel & Olive claims to have received “hundreds” of calls and messages about its $129 “Eras Sequin Fringe Dress.”
  • Francesca’s reports a 30% bump in sales of certain dress styles when Swift tours near one of its 454 locations.
  • Some retailers, including Altar’d State and Bipty, have cleverly curated Swift collections.

Swift isn’t alone…

… in shifting fashion among fans. Retailers say other artists, including Harry Styles and Beyonce, can also create demand for certain pieces when they tour.

And historically, musicians have long dictated fashion trends, with the savviest of brands adapting quickly to embrace them:

  • Run-DMC’s hit “My Adidas” boosted sales so much that the company gave them a $1m endorsement deal in 1986, making them the first musicians to partner with an athletic brand.
  • In 1985, Macy’s in NYC opened “Madonnaland,” a department catering to those who wanted to copy the pop star’s iconic looks.
  • Even those who rejected fashion inadvertently influenced it. In the early ‘90s, Marc Jacobs developed a grunge show for Perry Ellis, inspired by Seattle’s flannel-heavy alt-rock scene.

But you know what we’re really curious about? Weird Al’s impact on the Hawaiian-shirt industry.

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