Two heads are better than one: Yesterday’s biggest partnerships 

In the spirit of market domination, industry behemoths like Apple, Starbucks and Toyota have inked some high-profile partnerships in hopes of taking over their respective markets.

Corporations helping corporations; when there are billions of dollars on the line, companies will do just about anything to get ahead of their respective markets.

Two heads are better than one: Yesterday’s biggest partnerships 

Here are 3 quirky corporate partnerships that surfaced yesterday:

Yo Quiero online payments: Apple Pay expands to Taco Bell

Yesterday, Apple expanded its contactless payment system, Apple Pay, to Taco Bell. Apple Pay is now in 74 of the nation’s top 100 merchants.

According to VentureBeat, Taco Bell plans to debut the service in over 7k Taco Bells “in the next few months.” 

In other words, buying 4 Crunchwrap Supremes when you only needed one has never been easier.

Toyota and Panasonic get in battery bed together

Toyota and Panasonic will partner on a joint venture to develop electric vehicle batteries.

With Panasonic’s exclusive contract with Tesla in jeopardy, it will give the lagging Toyota a leg up in EV development.

According to Axios, as the already competitive EV market heats up, this is the latest sign of companies in the automotive industry car-pooling their resources to get ahead.

I like you a latte: Starbucks partners with Uber on delivery

The java all-star is joining forces with Uber to deliver coffee, snacks, and other items in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC over the next few weeks.

Uber Eats is currently the fastest-growing meal delivery service in the US, and Starbucks says that soon 95% of its menu will be on the UberEats App.

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