This week in Musk: Under the Muskan Sun

Funding rounds, production goal woes, and a piece of furniture: that’s what Musk does.

Only a man who juggles as many “rich guy” projects as Elon Musk could have an entire roundup dedicated to his musky-self — unfortunately, it can’t all be good news.

This week in Musk: Under the Muskan Sun

From couches, to an ill-timed hiatus, to big hole financing, it’s time to brush up on this week’s Musk-up.

Musk-up: The Boring Co. raises some cash

According to SEC filings, Musk’s tunnel-digging/flamethrower company (think about that for a second) has raised almost $113m in venture capital funding.

What’s more, Musk himself provided more than $100m of it (the other 10% covered by early employees). ’Cuz where billionaires are going, they don’t need outside investors.

Musk-down: Tesla puts a hold on Model 3 production

According to Buzzfeed, Tesla is temporarily shutting down production of its model 3 sedan… again. This time it’s expected to last up to 5 days.

A spokesperson maintains that the shutdown was planned to “improve automation” and address potential bottlenecking, but missing yet another production target could mean a loss of investor confidence.

Musk… meh: The internet just bought a billionaire a couch

Yup, after publicly complaining about the ratty couch he sleeps on during his all nighters at the Tesla factory, more than 72 people donated to a GoFundMe page dedicated to buying Elon Musk a new couch.

According to TechCrunch, more than $1k was raised as of publication to get the almost $20 Billionaire a new bedtime sofa — a very socially responsible donation and in no way offensive to those working extra Postmates shifts so they can afford a used couch off Craigslist.

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