Tesla to sell its solar products in 800 Home Depot stores

If anyone can make roof-mounted solar panels cool, it’s Tesla -- and that’s exactly the goal of their recent partnership with Home Depot.

Last week, Elon Musk was hellbent on putting flamethrowers into the hands of the people. Now, he’s giving us something a little more practical: the power of the sun.  

Tesla to sell its solar products in 800 Home Depot stores

Tesla has made a deal with Home Depot to sell both their highly anticipated Powerwall battery and Tesla’s solar panels at 800 of their 2.2k locations, marking solar’s first legit test of mainstream interest.

Moooore powerrrr

This move to the mass market could be the solution the US has been looking for to keep from falling behind on clean energy. But the big question is, can people afford it? 

The main barrier to entry for mainstream solar has always been the price, and while Tesla has brought prices down, the average cost of installation for their solar panel system is still between $10k and $25k — not to mention the additional $7k for the battery.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

To entice customers, the tech pioneer will reportedly design and build designated retail spaces at the 800 stores within the first half of this year.

The spaces will be 12 ft tall and 7 ft wide — some even coming equipped with visual demonstrations to show how the products work. Because even Tesla isn’t afraid to do a little song and dance… for the environment.

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