The Hustle Fam: Volume 1

On a random Thursday, we asked our readers to send a picture of where they were, right then and there, reading The Hustle. Here are a few that we received.


The Hustle Fam: Volume 1

“In my living room in Montevideo, Uruguay with my family. Reading out loud funny quotes from The Hustle to my wife while she breastfeeds. Cheers!” — Burke


“Hi! That’s me in the middle of my Millennial sons.” — Anne


“Reading The Hustle on the front of Sailing Vessel Kristina in the middle of the Mediterranean while dolphins bow ride in front of me.” — Terra


“Doin’ the Hustle @ the Delta Sky Lounge LAX. Thanks for great content and sharp writing.” — Christian


“Good morning, I’m reading the Hustle every morning when I get to work in Auckland, New Zealand!” — Aaron


“Hi! So you want to know when/how I read The Hustle, huh? As I live in Japan, the email arrives at 1am. Recently I seem to still be awake at that time, having had video calls with colleagues who are mostly in the US. Yes, timezones suck…

Then The Hustle arrives, I decide to take a quick look before going to bed, and before you know it an hour or two have passed. Take tonight, for instance. You linked to Tubthumping and now I’ve been sucked into a stream of nostalgic 90s guitar pop. But you’ll have to try harder than that to make me unsubscribe.” — Daniel


“I have a very busy desk. I like to think it is stimulating.” — Kathleen


“Always read it at my desk at work! P.S. Thanks for not taking Columbus Day off and making Monday worse (The Skimm took the day off!).” — Amber


“I read you guys most days on my lunch break, but you caught me hanging in a hammock on a boat in Charleston that my friend Jon and I are AirBnBing while we build out version 1.0 of my company’s product. Nice timing!” — Ben


“Always read it with my breakfast at work here in Shanghai. You can see the world’s second tallest building in distance in a good sunny day. Today is rainy.” — Marina


“I base my lunch around reading this damn email.” — Jonathan


“Reading the Hustle while waiting for my flight at SFO.” — Sally Jo


“Some people fall behind on their Hustle reading, but always catch up a few days later! At work! During lunch break (unless boss man isn’t around, then whenever I can)!” — Jon


“How do I read the hustle? At home with my 9 month old, who seemingly is more excited than I about this picture opp.” — Steve


“I’m a few days behind but playing catch up on the train ride home. Btw been reading you guys for about 3 months now and probably the best email subscription I’ve signed up for. Every person I tell is instantly hooked. Keep killing it!” — Tobi


“I read the Hustle every day at work. Usually about an hour into my day, when i get hungry, fix myself a bowl of cereal, and want to look like i’m still working.” — Joni


“Pretending to work – Actually hustling. If that means hustle reading.” — Ricardo



“Morning routine at work: Monster Zero Ultra & reading The Hustle!” –Melissa


“I’m reading The Hustle in the office during my lunch break!” –Dana


“I can’t imagine I’m alone on this one – it’s a great place to read as long as proper cleanliness protocol is followed.” — Matthew


“I read at my desk and look forward to each issue!” — Dan


“I got up an hour ago. I made coffee, listened to a podcast while eating breakfast. Now I’m chillin in my living room with Chazz & Abe catching up on emails. I always like to start with The Hustle. You’ll also notice I need to do that laundry over there. My shirt may or may not be a result of that. After I send this off I’m gonna fold clothes.” — Dev


“I live in Melbourne, Australia so I receive your emails at about 3AM in the morning! Therefore, I usually read them whilst having breakfast at the dining table…and occasionally when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep. I love being exposed to new ideas which I can think about and share. You guys have made my conversations far more interesting.” — Seb


“Hey! Nice roundup. And for the questions, I read the hustle newsletter every weekday in the evening (I live in Hong Kong) on my way back home from work. I ride the MTR so this is me on a very long MTR escalator” — Indra


“I’m reading the awesome daily update from a packed out airport in Bratislava on my way back to Dublin. I love getting the daily update at Irish time 5.15pm because I can read that for my last 15/20 minutes before ducking out home and not get stuck with more work!” — Peter


“Hi! I read The Hustle either on my phone or iPad, typically in mid morning when it hits my inbox. I happen to be reading it from a factory in Shenzhen, China this week…sadly, no self-driving cars here but they sure as hell could use them! Great job guys, lovin’ The Hustle!” — Eiryanna


“Reading at Milano Central Station while waiting for high speed train to hometown in Tuscany.” — Giulio


“The Hustle is the first thing I read when I get to the office each day (I live in Oslo, Norway).” — Michael


“I am reading at work. I work at the beach…sometimes.” — Katrin


“Hey guys, I am Suraj Arya from Bangalore, India. I love reading your emails every day. Your emails are the best thing in my inbox almost any given day.” — Suraj


“#GoHawks” — Greg


“Here’s a pic of me after I read the Hustle today. Usually read it on my phone when I’m eating lunch in my apartment. Sometimes at night if I can’t get to it during the day. Keep up the good work!” — Chris


“Just eating lunch in my classroom reading The Hustle.” — Karen


“In between work for me. Thanks for making me seem more intelligent about current tech news than I really am.” — Jeremy


“Hello from Bellhops HQ, we’re a startup in Chattanooga, Tennessee! Thanks for making my lunch more interesting every day!” — Amanda


“My office really enjoys it when I forward your Friday shower thoughts.” — Gerard


“Cheers from Barcelona!” — Bernat


“Every mid-morning during a break from werrrrkin. on my comp. of course. Sup Hustle!” — Kelsey


“Reading The Hustle on my commute home after class. I get more educated in one article than I do in any one hour class. Thanks for doing what you do!” — Tucker


“This is what I look at when I read the Hustle each day from the headquarters of American Eagle Outfitters in Pittsburgh, PA. If you look closely you might just see a self-driving Uber shuttling around Google employees.” — Kristen


“Eating breakfast at my desk and reading the hustle. It’s a daily ritual at this point.” — Sara


“Photo!” — Nick


“I read The Hustle on my phone while eating lunch! Love hearing these updates!! You guys and the daily skimm are keeping me in the know!Thanks for all your hard work!!” — Kristin


“The Hustle is the only daily email that I read religiously and typically it is at my stand up desk (I know, so trendy). If not, it is a must read when I am on the can. Keep up the amazing work. You guys kick ass!” — RJ


“Today, it’s the laptop at lunch. Yesterday, it was the desktop at night. Frequently, it’s the cellphone … Uh… On the can. I’m glad that wasn’t it today.
— David


“Reading from YouTube space Toronto.” — Mark


“This is how I read The Hustle today! Taking a break on my phone listening to music at work.” — Sarah


“Read every morning at work on my Mac.” — Tom


“Reading The Hustle instead of studying for an anatomy lab practical. I’ll take laughing out loud in the library over some dead cat muscles any day of the week!” — Justin


“I usually read the Hustle after a long day out (it’s 3am here in Singapore), when I’m curled up cosily in bed with Reefer “Squish” Sharkness. He particularly enjoyed the article about Asian catfish and has since read each issue religiously, hoping to find some mention of shark finning or #captivitykills. I tried explaining to him that the Hustle just isnt about that kinda stuff but well, you know what sharks are like.” — Ayesha


“Reading at home, sick! Usually read from WeWork HQ in Manhattan.” — Charlie


“ALWAYS while eating.” — Katherine


“Grinding at the office. Read it every day during lunch.” — Matt


“Suh dude.” — John


“Photo of me, during my daily reading of The Hustle. Thanks for the great content – one of the only emails I actually read when it hits my inbox. Sending best wishes from Bozeman, MT – Hit me up if you want to slay trout sometime!” — Sean


“I read The Hustle in a castle in Scotland.” — Yanne


“I live in South Africa so I only receive the mail in the evening and thus I usually read it in the morning with a good cup of coffee. Most of the time I am in the office.” — Gali


“From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” — N/A

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