Losing The Office could be a bigger deal than expected for Netflix

A new survey suggests Netflix losing The Office could be a bigger financial hit than expected

At this point, you’re all aware of Michael Scott’s projected effect on Netflix’s subscription revenue once the show leaves the platform in 2021.

Losing The Office could be a bigger deal than expected for Netflix

But a new survey from InMyArea Research proves the drama could be warranted — estimating that 10% of US Netflix users will cancel their subscription when The Office goes.

It’s a telling indicator of what could happen next at the long-standing crown jewel of strea-media.

Show me the data

InMyArea conducted a survey of more than 1.2k US residents to see if they had a Netflix subscription. 

Based on the 500 that answered “yes,” the survey found that 31% of Netflix subscribers watch The Office — by far Netflix’s most popular show.

That means roughly 18.6m of Netflix’s 60m US subscribers are up to speed on Jim and Pam, Bears, Beets, BSG, and, of course, the supremely underrated arch that Will Ferrell had at the end of season 7.

The big finding

The study found that 6m of those “office heads” plan to cancel Netflix when NBCUniversal takes back the lost Scranton tapes. 

Based on Netflix’s $12.99 per month plan, the loss equates to $935m in annual revenue. That’s a tall figure for a company that already has $8B in debt. And that’s not the last of the Netflix favorites heading back to NBC. 

Whether the peacock can overthrow the Marvel-infested mouse is another story. 

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