This summer, at band camp, we got a reverse mortgage

Add summer camp to the list of things that require a whole lot of cash.

Last week, we went to Space Camp; this week, we’re back for more out-of-this-world summer camps — unfortunately for parents, it’s the prices that land in outer space.

summer camps

Camps aren’t all exorbitantly priced, but they’re increasingly packing a financial punch, per Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • The average day camp cost ~$178/day last summer, up from $76 in 2021.
  • Sleepaway camp bills will indeed chase all sleep away: This year, overnight programs will average $450/day, almost 3x 2022’s rates.

Why so expensive?

You know this answer: inflation. Labor and food costs top camp operators’ list of grievances.

Demand’s also way up, as households with two working parents — now 65% of US families — seek child-care support…

… and seek miracles, too: Parents are willing to pay a premium for camps that deliver on the connection and learning kids lost over the pandemic — and do so without screens.

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