Toys ‘R’ Us 2.0 will launch this fall

Toys ‘R’ Us is dipping its toys back into the water with the opening of 2 downsized stores after its bankruptcy last year.

Toys ‘R’ Us is back! Sort of… Um, well, a little bit. 

Toys ‘R’ Us 2.0 will launch this fall

Tru Kids Brands, which bought the famed bankrupt toy store in October, announced it would be opening 2 Toys ‘R’ Us stores later this year, according to a press release from the company

That’s 733 fewer than in 2018, when the retail giant closed all 735 of its US stores. 

But while they’ll have fewer boxes, they’ll have more interaction

These new Toys ‘R’ Us stores will feel less like closets that haven’t been picked up in months and more like a child’s Apple Store. 

With retail partner b8ta, Tru Kids describes the stores as having smaller, engaging environments with “new events and activities every day, from seeing toys displayed out of the box to test before making a purchase, to visiting different brand stations… or just having fun with Geoffrey.”

That’s Geoffrey. Not to be confused with Joffrey, whose presence would make for a much scarier but still engaging environment.

Expansion plans for 2020 

The two stores will be in Paramus, N.J., and Houston. An undisclosed number of openings are planned for 2020. 

And if you’re still jonesing for the old school, disheveled Toys ‘R’ Us style, you can always go abroad. Tru Kids Brands operates 700 Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us stores internationally. 

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