Tying the… bot?

The wedding industry is the latest one to confront its union with AI.

Have you ever heard a hush fall over a wedding the moment the best man — 10 vodka sodas deep — gets to the part of his speech about “that one night in Vegas”?

wedding rings

If the moment made you sweat through your rental tux, you’re not alone. Wedding speeches can be brutal. Heck, so can the vows (the ol’ “we’ve had our ups and downs” that always seem to just be downs).

Now, AI is crashing the party

Per Wired, the wedding industry is not immune to the AI bug, and planning sites are incorporating chatbots to help happy couples and stressed-out bridesmaids alike.

Wedding website Joy added a ChatGPT-powered tool to help people create:

  • Speeches
  • Signature cocktail names
  • Wedding hashtags
  • Thank-you cards
  • Polite ways to decline wedding invitations

Users can include personal details to tailor their message and choose the voice it’s written in from options like Shakespeare, a pirate, or a pessimistic ex (yes, really).

Another AI tool for those who don’t want to look like tools in front of 150 people is ToastWiz, which, for the low price of $29.99, can make sure the happy couple is indebted to you forever.

The site prompts users to provide details and memories before spitting out three personalized speech options in just minutes.

If it feels like love is dead…

… It might be! But something about weddings makes people a little unhinged, so maybe calling in machine backup isn’t the worst idea.

Cheers to living #HappilyEverAlgorithm. (ChatGPT wrote that.)

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