Uber wants to make drivers an offer they can’t refuse: free college tuition

Uber is offering new good-driving incentive programs like discounted gas, maintenance, and potentially even tuition to go to school.

As long as they stay loyal to the family, that is. 

Uber wants to make drivers an offer they can’t refuse: free college tuition

In an effort to reward top drivers’ commitment to the platform, Uber is launching a program called Uber Pro, which rewards good driver behavior with things like 5% fuel discounts, car maintenance, and even free tuition at Arizona State’s online program for drivers and their family.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi calls it a model of how businesses and academia can work together to “contribute to the betterment of society.”

But it’s also a way for them to leverage their growing driver base

Uber has about 750k drivers in the US alone — enough to incentivize brands to offer driver discounts in exchange for an influx in business.

The Uber Pro program leverages strategic partnerships with brands to offer premium discounts with specific brands, e.g., 6.5% off gas at ExxonMobil stores and 25% off car maintenance through online network CarAdvise.

So, how do drivers qualify?

Uber Pro will consist of 4 tiers: partner, gold, platinum, and diamond. Drivers who maintain a 4.85-star rating or above will be eligible to move through the ranks, and those with over 3k rides on the platform will be eligible for education perks.

BUT, if their rating falls below 4.75 for any reason, they’ll be automatically disqualified. Uber says the 4.85 rating is “really achievable” for most drivers — our advice: Play it safe with the air fresheners.

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