Can you keep a secret? Victoria’s Secret’s stock has plummeted in the last 3 years

Victoria’s Secret’s stock has plummeted more than 72% in the last 3 years as women’s standards of female empowerment have shifted from Victoria’s Secret angels, to body positivity.

The secret is out: The glory days of Victoria’s Secret’s bra and underwear monopoly has all but disappeared amid the rise of new direct-to-consumer underwear brands with a focus on body positivity.

Can you keep a secret? Victoria’s Secret’s stock has plummeted in the last 3 years

Quartz reports Victoria’s Secret’s stock has nosedived 72% in the last 3 years as investors continue to jump ship from its parent company, L Brands. What’s worse? 43% of that drop happened in 2018 alone.

D2C underwear brands are taking over

As new body-conscious, mainly direct-to-consumer brands, like Everlane, ThirdLove, Aerie, and others take over Victoria’s dominant market share in all things ladies underwear, the brand is struggling to keep its empire intact.

Reports show that women’s perception of the iconic lingerie brand has been declining since 2013, as more women have shifted toward female empowerment instead of hypersexualization.

You mean Kendall Jenner strutting the runway in an aqua lace corset doesn’t scream women’s empowerment and inclusion??

Not really, no

And, much like what Victoria’s Secret has been “encouraging” its models to do since the beginning of time, the brand has begun slimming down to fit into an increasingly tighter market.

Victoria’s Secret cut its apparel and swimwear in 2016, and this year it plans to close 20 stores.

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