Mark it off the list: Walmart employees will soon stock your fridge themselves

Walmart announces a new program where customers can opt for Walmart employees to deliver groceries straight to their refrigerator.

Walmart announced it will bring “InHome” delivery to customers in select US cities this fall — a program where customers can opt to allow direct delivery to their refrigerators.

Mark it off the list: Walmart employees will soon stock your fridge themselves

According to The Verge, while there were no details of “how,” Walmart said it will use its own workers to open your door and walk into your house when you aren’t home.

Hmm, well, when you put it that way…

Don’t worry. They’ll be wearing body cameras

Soon, the services will be available to over 1m customers in Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Walmart said it will give its employees detailed training to ensure they “treat customers’ homes with the same care and respect with which they treat a friend’s or family’s home.”

So the delivery driver can put their feet up on a customer’s coffee table — while using their Netflix account — as the customer makes them a sandwich. Got it.

Anything Amazon does, Walmart tries to do better

InHome will compete directly with Amazon’s Key home delivery service, which can deliver your packages inside your home and elsewhere.

Reuters reported that Walmart tested a similar D2F (direct-to-fridge) delivery service in 2017, but it was disbanded a year later.

Maybe Walmart can show the Mozart to its Salieri how true “consensual breaking and entering” is done.

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