Want an Instagram-ready baby? It’ll cost you

Parents are shelling out on services for picture-perfect bundles of joy.

Have you attended a gender reveal party recently that was more elaborate than your wedding?

A baby in a diaper looking up at dollar bills falling from the sky with an Instagram “like” symbol over its head.

Today’s parents aren’t messing around when it comes to their baby’s social media presence. The global baby products market was valued at $214B in 2021, and money is pouring into services fit for Instagram:

  • Decor for gender reveals abounds on sites like Etsy, and events companies charge thousands for executing upscale baby showers.
  • Newborn photo shoots are everywhere, with parents hiring professional photographers to document their child’s earliest moments.
  • Cribs and strollers, which double as status symbols, can cost well into the thousands.

There’s even a growing group of interior design firms that’ve made baby nurseries their specialty.

Naomi Coe of Little Crown Interiors tells The Hustle that her Southern California clients spend an average of $15k-$20k decorating a nursery, with some clients dishing out as much as $80k.

And design trends are as powerful in the baby industry as they are with adults: The “sad beige” trend has gripped social media so tightly that some have questioned if it’s harming babies’ development.

The trends don’t stop at material goods…

… They’re actually influencing who babies are. Or, at least, what they’re named.

Baby naming consultants are taking to TikTok to name people’s babies — for a price:

  • Colleen Slagen of Naming Bebe offers packages ranging from 10 names for $250 to 30 names for $400.
  • The baby name site Nameberry charges $350 for an hourlong meeting with a naming consultant, and $10k for nine months of on-call naming advice and unlimited meetings.

So, for parents who want to keep it picture-perfect on social, these services can really add up.

Hot tip: ChatGPT will name your kid for free.

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