When $1k is worth $250k, police surveillance drones, and more newsy numbers

New kids’ shoes, party-monitoring drones, a rare bill, and more numbers from around the web.

$250k+: The price a very rare $1k bill may fetch at auction this month. The Federal Reserve Note from 1918 features Alexander Hamilton on its front. In 1928, Grover Cleveland’s portrait replaced Hamilton’s, and in 1969, the $1k bill was discontinued along with the $500, $5k, and $10k bills.

A $1k bill featuring Alexander Hamilton, pink-and-white Jbrds children’s shoes, Taylor Swift wearing a gold dress and boots singing into a microphone, and a black drone on a black-and-red background.

$500k: Latest funding round for Jbrds, a footwear brand that offers anatomically designed shoes for children. Its first product, for 9- to 18-month-olds, looks kinda like Velcro-strapped Crocs with socks. The company will focus next on releasing shoes designed for the developmental needs of kids up to 8 years old.

1.4k+: The number of US police departments now using surveillance drones. In NYC, police deployed drones over Labor Day weekend to monitor unruly parties, drawing backlash from privacy advocates. The city said it was just utilizing its assets. Coming into the weekend, NYPD had used its drones 124x in 2023, up from just 4x last year.

$26m: AMC’s new record for single-day ticket sales, brought about by — Who else? — Taylor Swift, less than three hours after tickets for her Eras Tour concert film went on sale. The previous record holder was Spider-Man: No Way Home, earning $16.9m.

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