Would you pay $1k for 15 minutes with your business idol?

Intro promises access to big-league CEOs and founders.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and, apparently, a video call with an uber-successful entrepreneur is worth a thousand dollars.

Intro advice session prices

Or, at least, that’s what Intro thinks. The company, founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Raad Mobrem, aims to connect people seeking advice with celebrities and industry experts.

Users can pay to video chat with their role models and use the time to talk about whatever they want.

But that time comes with hefty price tags:

  • A 30-minute call with Tiny founder Andrew Wilkinson costs ~$5k.
  • Chatting with fashion designer and CEO Rachel Zoe will run you $1k for a 15-minute video call.
  • A 15-minute call with entrepreneur Nikita Bier starts at $1.4k.

And some experts are fully booked: There’s a waitlist to chat with Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit and founder of venture firm 776, who charges $776 per session (though he donates all the proceeds to charity).

Intro is now letting experts launch subscription plans through the platform and aims to book ~100k meetings in 2024.

Talk ain’t cheap

Experts set their own prices on the platform and Intro gets a cut — usually 10%-30% of the cost of a session.

The app can serve as the ultimate side hustle for experts willing to make the time. Nikita Bier posted on X that he’d set up a LinkedIn auto-responder to point people to his Intro page and had earned $122.3k from 95 bookings.

Other apps, like Cameo and MasterClass, also promise access to celebrities and experts. But Intro’s one-on-one structure seems to be something users are willing to pay a premium for.

P.S. If you pay $600 to chat with Sam Parr, The Hustle’s founder, do us a solid and say we’re doing a good job, OK?

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