Your midlife crisis might cost you

Businesses are lining up for the opportunity to help you with your second act — for a price.

In today’s episode of ‘capitalism’s gonna capitalize’: Businesses are making money off your midlife crisis.

person standing in front of a 'crisis ahead' road sign

You read that right. Startups, consultants, and coaches are calling shotgun for a joy ride in your shiny new convertible, per The Wall Street Journal:

  • Modern Elder Academy offers online and in-person workshops on situations like divorce, death of loved ones, layoffs, and other stressful life transitions.
  • Reboot Partners provides workshops, coaching, and retreats around the country.
  • Elite colleges are launching programs (starting at ~$50k) designed for older adults looking for new careers.

With people living longer than ever before, the meaning of “midlife” is changing, opening up a second act that many want to fill with new activities, skill sets, and pursuits.

Plus, with happiness bottoming out around age 40 and ageism still pervasive in society, older adults need all the support they can get.

Bold age

While the stereotype of buying a new Harley (and matching leather jacket) for a midlife crisis endures — today’s older adults want to feel productive and self-fulfilled.

That means paying for services that promise community, learning opportunities, and even spirituality:

  • The Halftime Institute is a program based on Christian principles that focuses on personal relationships, faith, and finding one’s calling (the yearlong course is $25k).
  • The Union Theological Seminary has an Encore Transition program catering to retirees planning their next moves.

Now, we humbly request someone get started on a solution for lost 30-year-olds. Please and thank you.

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