Digits: An oddball lawsuit, pay increases, and the Hulk

Plus: Taco lovers rejoice and Facebook’s health conundrum.

1) A $6B lawsuit against the New York Giants and New York Jets claims the teams take advantage of “New York” branding despite being in New Jersey. “Many NFL fans would not attend… if they were warned in advance that they play in the State of New Jersey,” the suit reads.

Digits: An oddball lawsuit, pay increases, and the Hulk

2) In 2022, there’s good news and bad news for wages. The good news: companies are expected to set aside 3.9% of payroll for pay increases. The bad news: they’re doing it to combat inflation, so it’s less of a gracious gift and more of a band-aid.

3) The Hulk flexed his muscles last week when a private collector dropped $490k on a rare copy of the Incredible Hulk No. 1 comic. The copy is unique in that it shows the Hulk in grey, not green. Marvel realized the grey printed inconsistently, and decided to swap it with green (thankfully).

4) Facebook is banning advertisers that target users’ health conditions, a move many have advocated for some time. But the decision also presents a problem for medical researchers who rely on Facebook to help recruit ~3m clinical trial participants each year.

5) Some people subscribe to Netflix. Others, to Spotify. This month, though, some folks might become subscribers to Taco Bell through its $10 Taco Lover’s Pass which lets you grab 1 taco per day each month — worth it if you really, really love tacos.

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