Why cozy is taking over the world

There’s opportunity in the growing cult of the cozy -- if you can be smart about it.

There’s a reason your Instagram feed is filled with ads for weighted blankets, self-heating mugs, and mindfulness apps. Brands are going cozy, and cozy is big business. 

Why cozy is taking over the world

It wasn’t always this way. Remember when the loner, sewn to his couch in sweatpants, was a punch line? Now he’s a role model, right down to those suddenly stylish sweats. What gives?

The world is a dumpster fire. But there’s more to it than that.

Yes, people want to feel safe as the globe burns (literally). But as Vox’s Rebecca Jennings explains: Marketers are pivoting to hygge because Generation Z seems to want more of it, even if no one’s exactly sure how to pronounce it.

It can be dicey to opine on entire generations. Even so, a few things ring true: 

  • Research has shown that Generation Z is more likely than their elders to adopt progressive stances
  • They’re worried about work-life balance… 
  • … and corporate ethics are a big factor in their purchasing choices

So it stands to reason that they might want to draw brighter lines between the office and the couch. They’re shut-ins, and they’re proud of it.

Here’s why you should care: Businesses can unlock opportunities by leaning into this vibe, if they’re authentic about it. That means you better figure out how to pronounce hygge — and quick.

Can’t get the hang of hygge? Try your hand at kalsarikänni — that’s a Finnish word for getting drunk alone at home in your underwear.

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