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CES 2021: AI butlers, connected toilets, instant at-home ice cream, and more

Written by Trung T. Phan | Jan 18, 2021 11:19:39 AM

In a typical non-COVID year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted in Las Vegas in January is a zoo.

CES attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to check out the latest consumer tech from thousands of vendors. These vendors range from unknown Chinese manufacturers to the Amazons and Googles of the world.

While 2021 went fully digital, there was no shortage of hits. Here are a few, per the Wall Street Journal.

Samsung’s Bot Handy

CES is a venue for experiential tech that can often score some PR points but not be actually viable in the market.

Samsung’s Bot Handy — an AI-powered robot that can load dishwashers, pick up laundry, and pour wine — is “very much in the developmental stage.” But hey, its YouTube vid is lit.

And if it ever comes to market, it’ll literally save marriages.

Instant, soft- serve ice cream

Espresso machine meets Haagen Daaz.

Coldsnap is a soft-serve dispenser that can freeze ice cream in 60-90 seconds. It’ll be available later this year for $500 and will likely get mercilessly roasted on Twitter.

Toto Wellness Toilet

Speaking of soft-serve ice cream, Toto Wellness is creating an internet-connected toilet that has sensors in the plumbing to examine your fecal matter… and provide you with a health analysis.

This is apparently many years in the future.

A shower speaker powered by hot water

Overrated: singing in the shower.

Underrated: a Bluetooth shower speaker that is powered by the hot water you use to wash yourself (Shower Power).