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Restaurants are hopping on the subscription bandwagon

You know what pairs really nicely with the $219 you spend on subscription fees each month? Some takeout from your favorite restaurant.

Per the Associated Press, restaurants want a piece of that sweet subscription model pie, with the average American hoarding 6.7 subscriptions in 2022, up from 4.2 in 2019.

We’re talking serious dough here: A recent report shows that, on average, Americans spend $200+/mo. on subscription fees.

So restaurants are serving up plans:

For some brands, it’s working. Panera’s loyalty program had nearly 40m members in 2020, and its chief brand and concept officer said that subscription plan members now make up 25% of the chain’s transactions.

Not just for chains

Some fine-dining establishments are getting in on the action as well. Gravitas, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Washington, DC, offers a Supper Club subscription for $130/mo. that includes a three-course takeout meal for two. The club serves ~60 diners monthly.

Wake us up when Netflix can shoot snacks straight out of the TV, thanks.

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