Meta’s execs are all-in on remote work

The company’s top execs are dialing in from all over the map.

Meta wants to build the virtual world of the future.

Meta’s execs are all-in on remote work

In the world of the present, however, the company’s executive team is working from all over the place, per WSJ.

Meta’s HQ…

… is in Menlo Park, California, but members of its top brass have been dialing in from Cape Cod to Israel. Even Zuck is getting in on the WFH action — in his case, the H stands for Hawaii.

Critics are split on whether this is a good thing:

  • Some believe that if Meta wants to build the metaverse, having its execs embrace the future of work is an asset
  • Others think the timing is off, with Meta’s stock down 30%+ since its Q4 earnings in February

The correct answer? Any policy that gives us more pics of Zuck surfing on a hydrofoil cannot possibly be a bad thing.

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