The world’s youngest billionaires

The world’s youngest billies include inherited wealth, a crypto trader and the founders of hot tech startups that just went public.

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The world’s youngest billionaires

Forbes dropped its 2021 billionaire list. There are currently 2,755 members of the three-comma club, including new entrant Kim Kardashian West.

The “youngest billionaires” is always an interesting portion of the list. Here’s a mix of inherited wealth and self-made fortunes:

  • Kevin David Lehmann (18 years old; worth $3.3B): The German teen inherited his father’s 50% stake in a leading drugstore chain (dm-drogerie markt).
  • Wang Zelong (24; $1.5B): This Chinese national inherited a stake in her family’s pigment chemicals business.
  • Alexandra & Katharina Andresen (24, 25; $1.4B each): The Andresen sisters inherited a stake in a Norwegian investment firm run by their father, Johan (who is still active).
  • Austin Russell (26; $2.4B): Russell dropped out of Stanford in 2012 to found a startup that develops self-driving car technology (lidar). When the company (Luminar Technologies) went public via SPAC in December, Russell joined the three-comma club.
  • Andy Fang and Stanley Tang (28, 28; $2B each): These 2 entrepreneurs co-founded delivery startup DoorDash in 2013 and became billionaires when the company went public in December.
  • Sam Bankman-Fried (29; $8.7B): This MIT grad built a near $10B fortune from crypto trading (via his firms Alameda Research and FTX). Bankman-Fried is a proponent of effective altruism, which means earning as much as he can to give away as much as he can (he was one of President Biden’s largest donors).

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