The next high-tech makeover: Gardening tools

An automatic lawn mower, a smart irrigation system, and an AI-powered bird feeder.

With nowhere to go during quarantine, many Americans put extra effort into literally tending their own backyard.

The next high-tech makeover: Gardening tools

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, 27% of homeowners overhauled their grassy wares in 2020, and 19% plan on doing a garden project in 2021.

Here’s a WSJ roundup of new-age gardening tech (which we had no idea existed) to help aspiring green thumbs:

Husqvarna’s Automower ($1.2k)

If you ever wanted a Roomba for lawn care, Husqvarna has you covered. The robot has object avoidance sensors and can run overnight — about 4 hrs on a charge — without supervision.

Source: Husqvarna

Rachio Smart Irrigation ($230)

As it turns out, the adjective “smart” can be applied to any hardware device. Rachio’s smart irrigation system connects to a sprinkler system and “automatically adjusts your watering schedule to coming weather patterns.”

Source: Rachio

Bird Buddy ($189)

Currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, this bird feeder uses AI and a camera app to keep track of all the birds that nosh in the feeder. This way, you can track all the species… like a “Pokémon Go for birds.” Sure, why not?!

Source: Bird Buddy
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