If ads are inevitable, what makes them good?

People like relatable, informative ads. They don’t like celebrities or earworms.

Love it or hate it, Netflix will likely launch an ad-supported tier this year in the wake of its 200k-subscriber loss.

If ads are inevitable, what makes them good?

While CEO Reed Hastings has long resisted ads, he recently said he was “a bigger fan of consumer choice.”

And it turns out a majority of consumers would choose ads — Morning Consult found 57% of US consumers prefer a low-cost ad-supported service.

On the flip side…

… Unsupervised, an AI analytics platform, found 69% of consumers have abandoned a platform over irritating ads — which raises the question: What makes for a winning ad?

Research shows top attributes include favorite brands, and content that’s relatable, informative, or funny.

Take Coca-Cola’s personalized “Share a Coke” campaign, or Metro Trains Melbourne’s “Dumb Ways to Die” ads, which promoted rail safety through cartoons.

Perhaps predictably, ads deemed bad feature:

Alternatively, if an ad can’t be relatable, perhaps it could be so bizarre that it launches an ice cream company.

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