Squarespace just went public. It all started in a dorm in 2003

Squarespace started in 2003 in a University of Maryland dorm. Here’s a timeline of its path to success.

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Squarespace just went public. It all started in a dorm in 2003

Today, Anthony Casalena’s stake in Squarespace — his website for building beautiful websites — is worth ~$2.4B.

The platform has 3.7m subscribers and reached $621m in 2020 revenue (+28% YoY). Here’s its path to success:

2003: Anthony Casalena starts writing the code for Squarespace after recognizing the need for a website platform that takes design seriously.

2004: Casalena officially launches Squarespace with a $30k check from his dad to purchase servers. He manages the entire business out of his dorm at the University of Maryland. By 2005, Squarespace has 10k+ trial accounts and 478 customers.

2006: Squarespace brings in $1m+. Following college, Casalena moves to New York and begins hiring a skeleton team.

2010: After turning down a buyout offer from Getty Images, Casalena accepts his first institutional investments from Accel and Index Ventures for $38.5m.

2012: Squarespace surpasses 100 employees and launches its commerce offering in 2013.

2014: Squarespace raises another $40m in funding and purchases its first Super Bowl ad spot.

2017: Squarespace raises an additional $200m. Its Super Bowl ad featuring a pissed-off John Malkovich wins an Emmy.

2019: Squarespace acquires appointment site Acuity Scheduling and social media template platform Unfold.

2021: Squarespace raises $300m, acquires hospitality management platform Tock for $400m+, and goes public with a market value of $6.6B.

And it all started in a dorm room.

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