Suck it, lemonade stands. Mighty is here to make kids ecommerce CEOs.

Mighty is what you get when you crossbreed lemonade stands with Shopify.

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Suck it, lemonade stands. Mighty is here to make kids ecommerce CEOs.

The days of kids thinking they’re Warren Buffett after netting $10 running a lemonade stand are numbered.

That’s because Mighty is here to show us what happens when you take the lemonade model and crossbreed it with an ecommerce platform like Shopify.

And it’s apparently working pretty well

Co-founder Ben Goldhirsh came up with the idea after having his kids develop business plans to sell bracelets instead of sitting through after-school tutoring, per TechCrunch.

Along with co-founder Dana Mauriello who spent 5 years at Etsy, the Mighty team raised $6.5m and now boasts 3k mini Mark Cubans and Sheryl Sandbergs.

How does Mighty work?

For now, young founders design and sell items like hats, totes, and stickers via Mighty’s partner, Printful.

Apparently, Mighty “CEOs” are begging to sell their own items. Goldhirsh tells TechCrunch they eventually will.

Mighty also launched an online community for its young CEOs to collab… which got us thinking — would a Shark Tank where both the judges and contestants are kids be any good? (Answer: it’d be great.)

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