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These wearable plastic pods are the latest social distancing trend

PPE: Pod Protection Equipment.

July 14, 2020

Photo via: Under the Weather (Instagram)

Listen up, parents: Covering your kids in bubble wrap for their personal safety is so last decade. 

This year, if you really want to protect the young’uns, you better pony up $100 for a WalkingPod

Pod save… come again? 

The startup Under the Weather originally floated onto the scene in 2010 to help with bad weather. If you’re at a sports game and it starts raining, why not ditch the poncho in favor of a Game Day Pod

But Input reports that Under the Weather is pivoting into PPE — and it’s finding new success, especially among health care workers. 

When you roll up for a COVID-19 testing facility, don’t be alarmed if the nurse walks out in something resembling a plastic human tent. That’s just Under the Weather’s IntubationPod at work. 

And good news: If you’re finding individual pods to be too much, now you can buy a tent-like pod for the whole family.

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