Here’s why Sega was sued for $5m over an arcade game

Sega is being sued for $5m over its rigged arcade game, “Key Master.”

The “Key Master” arcade game is the one that your parents probably warned you “only has those nice prizes because you’ll never win.”

Here’s why Sega was sued for $5m over an arcade game

Well, it seems a California man filed a class-action lawsuit this week against Sega for that very reason. Is he right — *cough* (yes) *cough* — who knows?

Here’s the claim

The lawsuit states “Key Master” is marketed as a game of skill, but in reality is programmed to award someone with a win after a predetermined number of losses.

It’s not the first time “Key Master” drama has gone down in court. Previously, the state of Arizona reached a $1m settlement with Jonathan Sanborn who licensed and set “Key Master” machines to win following 2.2k losses.

If you’re interested, this week’s court filing is one of the more entertaining class-action lawsuits we’ve read in a while.

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