ZoomInfo wants to become every sales rep’s best friend

ZoomInfo plans to spend $575m to acquire Chorus.ai to broaden their offering for sales teams.

Ever get an email from a sales rep and wonder how they found you? ZoomInfo has been helping reps reach inboxes for years. Now, they want to help them hone their craft.

ZoomInfo wants to become every sales rep’s best friend

The firm announced it’ll spend $575m to acquire Chorus.ai, a conversational intelligence tool, per TechCrunch.

WTF is ZoomInfo?

It’s a B2B contact database that helps reps with top-of-the-funnel prospecting by identifying the right point of contact at target companies.

Enter Chorus.ai, which uses AI to listen to sales conversations and identify trends to help teams close more deals.

For example: the software can record how often reps say filler words such as “uh,” “like,” and “umm.” Managers can use the tech to coach reps through the sales process, cut bad habits, and identify top performers.

Conversational intelligence is a new market but growing fast

  • Chorus.ai raised $45m last July after doubling headcount and tripling revenue between 2019 and 2020
  • SalesLoft raised $100m in January at a $1.1B valuation
  • Gong.io, widely considered the market leader, raised $250m at a $7.25B valuation last month

Chorus.ai complements ZoomInfo’s offering in a meaningful way, but it’s hard to see a clear path to integration. Neither company offers a CRM, the natural home for sales intelligence data.

The real winners here are ZoomInfo’s sales reps, who will likely see an uptick in average deal size… and less usage of the word “um.”

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