Why Patrick Mahomes is the megastar the NFL needs

He’s got the personality to keep football on top of the pro sports heap.

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Why Patrick Mahomes is the megastar the NFL needs

GQ’s recent profile of Patrick Mahomes is a must-read. 

The 24-year-old Kansas City Chiefs’ QB is already a league MVP and Super Bowl champ. 

But the NFL needs more visible stars…

Its teams have a significantly higher average value than NBA squads ($2.9B vs. $2.1B). But basketball has more global buzz and star power. 

Top players like LeBron James (~68m Instagram followers) and Steph Curry (~31m) are literally more visible (no helmets) and have much bigger audiences (the Chiefs’ QB has ~3.5m followers).

…and Mahomes is ready 

The GQ piece includes 2 incredible nuggets:

  • Beer Pong: At a post-Super Bowl party, Post Malone lost to Mahomes in beer pong and — as a result — had to get a tattoo of the QB’s signature.
  • Peloton: Mahomes races on Peloton under the screen name 2PM and doesn’t like to lose. (“I see the leaderboard, and I see that, like, Brian from North Carolina is catching me, and I’m like: ‘There’s no way.’”)

Someone get the Mahomes in touch with us 

Back in December, I bought the domain name for Patrick’s brother Jackson, who’s also a TikTok star.

I didn’t want someone else squatting on the URL (irony alert). I tried to give Jackson the domain for free, but after exchanging some messages on Twitter, we lost touch 😔:

Hustle fam, help us get this domain name back to its rightful owner.

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