A spyware breach has Apple feeling the heat

People are sounding the alarm on NSO Group, whose tech was used to infect phones belonging to journalists and activists.

When an expert describes a cybersecurity issue as “a MAJOR blinking red 5-alarm-fire problem,” it probably is.

A spyware breach has Apple feeling the heat

The issue at hand is a set of vulnerabilities in iOS software brought to light by Amnesty International in a wild new report.

Here’s what it found

At the center of the story is Pegasus, a spyware developed by Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group.

Researchers reported that Pegasus was used to infect the phones of individuals who don’t meet the criteria needed for it to be used (i.e., criminals and terrorists).

According to researchers, Pegasus infected the phones of 37 journalists, human rights activists, business executives, and others.

What happens now?

Calls are being made for Apple to start working more collaboratively and transparently on cybersecurity with other tech companies.

As for NSO Group, it’s far from the first time they’ve been caught in the spotlight for targeting journalists, political dissidents, and human rights activists.

This time seems different, though. Amazon Web Services has disabled accounts linked to the group and other Tech leaders have had enough.

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