Cameo is incredibly fun… and it has the foundation for a huge business

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I start my morning with a Red Bull / carrot juice concoction (pray for my soul) and a quick email scroll to find the newest addition to Cameo, the celebrity shoutout platform.

Cameo is incredibly fun… and it has the foundation for a huge business

Over the past few weeks, Cameo has added pure 🔥 to its offering: Carole Baskin, the Wu-Tang Clan, Floyd Mayweather, Ice Cube, and Dikembe Mutombo. 

Don’t be fooled by Cameo’s playful nature

The company — which has raised $65.2m (with a valuation as high as $500m) — is going after a massive opportunity. 

As recently described in Rob Litterst’s Good Better Best newsletter, Cameo isn’t only in the business of celebrity shoutouts. Per the company’s CEO, Steven Galanis, “Cameo is the marketplace where for X amount of money, you can do Y activity with Z person.”

Many people mocked the company’s recent addition of a 10-minute Zoom call with Jeremy Piven for $15k. But really, Cameo is a great delivery vehicle for personalized expertise:

  • Celebrity-driven advice: How much would an aspiring artist pay to have Ice Cube quickly critique her chorus? 
  • Tips from the pros: How much would someone starting a backyard farm pay for 10 minutes with the world’s top gardener?

Tell us about your Cameo shoutouts

Down at The Hustle HQ, we’ve definitely tasted the fruit of Cameo’s ambition.

We got an inspiring note from billionaire investor and liquor baron Russ Hanneman (of HBO’s Silicon Valley). Did you buy a Cameo with someone great? Tell us all about it.

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