One way to see the future? Track corporate patents

One sure way to see the future is by looking at corporate patents. Neer Sharma does so every week with Patent Drop. Check some out here.

If you want to see subpar government UX at its finest, go to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

One way to see the future? Track corporate patents

Thankfully, we have curators.

One of them happens to be Trends member Neer Sharma, who previously co-founded the social writing platform HaikuJAM.

Sharma rounds up the best corporate patents he finds on USPTO and writes it up every week in Patent Drop, giving us a peek into the future.

Here are some recent gems: 

Nike’s sports chair with live game integration

Nike’s in-game athlete chair patent has a really cool feature: temperature control. Athletes are always warming up or cooling down on the sidelines. This could be the lazy man’s way of doing it. #TakeOurMoney

Adobe’s real-time content personalization

Adobe wants to send you personalized digital content based on a live reading of various data points: facial recognition, object identifier, etc.

If you’re drinking a coffee and look relaxed, maybe it’ll send you that Friends episode when they’re all arguing at Central Perk about Rachel’s new haircut.

Twitter’s new patent might save the internet

This isn’t being hyperbolic. Twitter is exploring ways to (finally) give more context on quote retweets, which are usually just people dunking on each other. 

With this update, you can quote multiple messages in a single tweet. Technically, you can still dunk on people but… ah sh*t… never mind.

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