For drive-thrus, faster doesn’t always mean better

A recent study found that speed isn’t the only thing diners care about when it comes to drive-thrus.

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For drive-thrus, faster doesn’t always mean better

Much of what makes fast food fast is the drive-thru. Even pre-pandemic, some 70% of fast-food sales came from the driver’s seat. (It’s now 90%+.)

A recent study by QSR Magazine found that Taco Bell leads the pack in speed and Chick-fil-A comes in dead-last:

  • 52.4% of Chick-fil-A customers say drive-thru service is excellent versus 26.7% of Taco Bell customers.
  • Chick-fil-A notches 100% order accuracy versus 86.7% at Taco Bell.

But don’t expect Taco Bell to slow down. The brand has plans for a 2-story drive-thru format, with the kitchen on top and 4 drive-thru lanes underneath. This brings a whole new meaning to locos tacos.

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