New patents from Snap, Airbnb and Ford

New patents provide a glimpse into the future of Snap, Airbnb, and Ford.

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New patents from Snap, Airbnb and Ford

Here are some recent gems that may be a sign of innovations to come:

Snap to auto-generate TV shows based on your avatar

Social platform Snap already lets users create avatars of themselves. A new patent can auto-generate episodic TV series of these avatars (imagine you and your friends in an avatar recreation of… “Friends”).

If executed well, this is a great tool for user retention and potential branding partnerships. If done poorly, we apologize in advance.

Airbnb wants to help nomadic families 

A new patent from Airbnb recommends locations for nomadic families to live based on education needs. 

In addition to generating curriculums, the home rental platform will also surface homes that are near “enhanced education destinations” like museums and aquariums.

Ford has a brain patent

Brain machine interface (BMI) is a hot topic in tech. Elon Musk’s Neuralink is leading the charge with a brain implant that lets you control computers with your mind.Ford also has a BMI patent. But don’t worry, it’s not for you to drive a car with your brain. Instead, it’s meant for users to control an infotainment system (e.g., air conditioning) with their thoughts. Guess you could say, cool idea.

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