Secret Cinema’s wild, immersive screenings

Secret Cinema, known for its immersive film and TV screenings, was acquired for $100m+.

Imagine if, before seeing a movie, you could interact with its characters and explore its setting.

Secret Cinema’s wild, immersive screenings

That’s Secret Cinema, a UK-based entertainment company recently acquired by digital ticketing platform TodayTix Group in a $100m+ deal, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Secret Cinema…

… was founded by Fabien Riggall in 2007. Since then, it’s sold 1m+ tickets, and partnered with the likes of Disney, Universal, and Netflix.

Its special sauce is that it replicates fictional worlds, allowing fans to step inside their faves:

  • “Arcane” fans solved puzzles for competing factions in the Netflix series’ seedy Undercity.
  • The secret agents of Casino Royale sneakily delivered messages and played high-stakes poker.
  • “Stranger Things” lovers visited the Starcourt Mall, replete with an arcade and Scoops Ahoy shop.

What’s next?

The acquisition will bring:

  • A 2023 US tour “tied to an iconic beloved American film,” per TodayTix CEO and co-founder Brian Fenty.
  • Permanent locations in LA and London.
  • Open-ended theatrical runs over short-term productions.

In an increasingly online world, Secret Cinema is an experience you can’t stream at home.

Fun fact: Secret Cinema’s 2018 Blade Runner event in London bumped the 1982 film back into the UK box office’s top 10 for 11 weeks.

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