People are opening up about their finances… on the street

On-the-street interviews about rent, salaries, and bank balances have surged in popularity.

It used to be considered rude to ask how much someone makes.

People are opening up about their finances… on the street

Not today. Lately, street interviews where people are asked about their salary, rent, and bank accounts have grown enormously popular.

One brand in the space…

… Salary Transparent Street, was founded by Hannah Williams, who started the project after realizing how often she found herself underpaid at work.

  • In her rapid-fire videos, you’ll hear from all kinds of Americans, on the street, about their salaries.

Williams quit her job making $115k as a senior data analyst and, as of July, has made $22k+ through the brand. She now sports an Indeed company-branded mic, and offers guides, a newsletter, and other resources.

Outside of salaries…

… creators have been conducting impromptu street interviews about:

  • Rent: Caleb Simpson goes around NYC asking people how much they pay for rent, then tours their apartments.
  • Balances: Creators like Chris Stocks and Cody Premer ask people about how much money is in their bank accounts.

One woman, with ~$40k, said she made the money uploading pics of her feet on FeetFinder, a site for buying and selling foot content.

New side hustle, anyone?

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