Dunkin’ drama, explained

Dunkin’ changed its loyalty program. Will its loyalists stay?

In 2021, Dunkin’ announced it had topped Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Engagement Index for out-of-home coffee for the 15th year in a row, pointing to the success of its DD Perks Rewards Program.

Dunkin’ drama, explained

But this month, Dunkin’ swapped DD Perks for Dunkin’ Rewards, changing how much loyalists need to spend to earn free stuff, per Buzzfeed.

  • DD Perks allowed customers to earn any drink after ~$40.
  • Dunkin’ Rewards users now earn a basic coffee after ~$50, but must spend ~$90 for a latte.
  • The ultimate betrayal: no free birthday drinks, just increased points.

Angry Dunkin’ fans have been excoriating the brand on its subreddit (which has 18.4k+ members) and complaining to employees.

Dunkin’ Americas president Scott Murphy told Buzzfeed that customers will benefit in the long-run as the new program includes more deals, including on food.

But will they?

It likely depends on how much America really runs on Dunkin’.

While some may appreciate a free donut for 250 points — half that of a basic coffee — other chains offer cheaper loyalty schemes.

  • Starbucks customers can earn a basic coffee after $25 or a premium beverage after $75, and some can even earn Delta SkyMiles now.
  • For those not hellbent on PSLs, Panera Bread’s Unlimited Sip Club is ~$11/mo. plus tax for any size basic beverage every two hours.

Meanwhile, for those willing to buy a coffee maker, the $685.7m global coffee subscription market is expected to grow significantly through 2023.

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