In defense of Liquid Death, the VC-backed canned water company

Liquid Death just received $23M in funding to make more canned water. Some people are mocking this’s why we think it's kinda awesome.

October 1, 2020

People love ragging on VCs for funding absurd ideas.

The latest target is Liquid Death, a beverage company that sells canned water from the Austrian Alps. A 12-pack costs $15.99 ($1.33 / tallboy can).

The water-tech startup just raised $23m and has secured $34m total.

Here’s are 3 reasons we kinda like it:

1. The branding is funny AF

Founded by Mike Cessario — a veteran of the creative industry (VaynerMedia, Doner) — the company’s motto should be on the Mount Rushmore of mottos: “Murder your Thirst.”

The rest of the website’s copy stays consistently on-brand:

  • Coupon code = “Axe 10% off”
  • Hashtags = #DeathToPlastic (“$0.05 from every can is used to kill plastic pollution”)
  • Contact form = “Summon us”
  • Merch store = T-shirts that read “hydrate or die”
  • About us = “Let’s be clear. Liquid Death is a completely unnecessary approach to bottled water.”

2. Making hydration cool

That tallboy is designed to look like a beer or energy drink can, meaning you can enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage (and stay hydrated) at bars without being roasted. Combine that with the rise of “sober bars,” and Liquid Death is firmly riding the zeitgeist.

3. There’s a frickin’ “Killer Baby Namer” app on the website

Here are the new names for Hustle team members using Liquid Death’s baby namer:

  • Pentagram Sparxxx Waters
  • Dante the Pummeler Phan
  • Slayer Goatlord Dohack
  • Wulfric Blackhole Parr

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