Blue Origin has the world’s coolest job opening

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Jeff Bezos wants to go to space so badly that he sells ~$1B a year in $AMZN stock to fund his extraterrestrial side hustle, Blue Origin.

Blue Origin has the world’s coolest job opening

The Blue Origin jobs site currently has 221 openings, including:

  • 28 roles for Engine, Propulsion, and Fluids
  • 24 roles for Manufacturing and Assembly, and…
  • 1 role for Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead

What on Earth is that last job?

The role will lay the groundwork for a space economy

Per the job description for Orbital Habitat Formulation Lead, Blue Origin’s goal is to have millions of people living and working in space.

To build an economy in space, the habitat formation role entails creating a roadmap for “low earth orbit (LEO) habitable stations” that can exceed the capabilities of the International Space Station (ISS).

The company offers “competitive compensation” (no word on whether it subsidizes Peloton bike purchases).

Blue Origin has awesome alumni…

… including Neal Stephenson, famed sci-fi author of Snow Crash.

Stephenson worked at Blue Origin from 1999 to 2006, where he “[punched] down ethernet cables” and investigated “possible alternatives to conventional rockets as ways of getting into space.”

The experience became fodder for a later book and — based on how good it was — we’d love for him to take this new job opening for more material.

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