What products have viral TikTok videos shot to the moon?

With Ocean Spray cranberry juice blowing up after the viral TikTok video, here are some other products that got the TikTok lift.

You know that viral TikTok video with the dude skateboarding while drinking cran-raspberry juice and lip-synching Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams?

What products have viral TikTok videos shot to the moon?

It has 26m views now — and at least one of them came from Tom Hayes, the CEO of Ocean Spray.

Hayes made his own version of the viral vid and gifted the skater dude (Nathan Apodaca) a red pick-up truck full of cranberry juice.

Ocean Spray likely got millions of dollars worth of exposure

As Mae Karwowski, the founder of the influencer-marketing firm Obviously, told the Boston Globe: “You are reaching millions of people and you have thousands of creators incorporating your juice into their videos.”

Here are a few other products that have benefited from a TikTok lift:

  • Bissell Portable Carpet Cleaner (video with 19.1m views)
  • Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder (video with 9.9m views)
  • The Ordinary Face Peeling Solution (video with 7.1m views)
  • Ecolution Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper (video with 6.7m views)
  • BlissLight Sky Light (video with 2.2m views)

Even under the cloud of a US ban, TikTok continues to grow

The app topped 100m users in Europe last month and — in the US — it surpassed Instagram to become the 2nd most popular social app, trailing only Snapchat.

And, as the examples above show, the app offers serious marketing potential.

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