That’s the spooky spirit: Bungalo is now inspecting homes for ghosts 

For the month of October, Bungalo announced it will add paranormal reports to its list of home inspections.

Bungalo, the Austin-based real estate platform, hit the scene in 2018 intent on streamlining the home-buying process, priding itself on its rigorous 160-point home inspection. 

That’s the spooky spirit: Bungalo is now inspecting homes for ghosts 

Now, the company has added a new, spookier check point: paranormal inspection reports.

Yup. For the month of October, Bungalo will send a ghostbuster to suss out any paranormal loiterers in Charlotte, Dallas, or Tampa — all to put the customer’s mind at ease before taking the homeowner plunge. 

Bungalo ain’t afraid of disclosing no ghosts

In most states, haunted homes don’t have to be disclosed by previous owners. But Bungalo’s all about transparency. So… happy Halloween, house hunters!

Don’t worry, it’s totally legit. In a promo video, Becky Vickers, one of Bungalo’s trained ghost-fessionals, claims her tools — which include a blinking stuffed bear, a spirit box, and spirit pod — have “a very scientific way” of testing for Casper.

What happens if Becky finds one??!!

You would think if a house has a ghost problem it would warrant a steep discount — like murder homes — but, according to a Bungalo spokesperson, if a ghost chaser finds a ghoul partying in a guest room, “The space in question will be properly cleansed and certified for the buyer’s total peace of mind.”

In other words, if a house is paranormal-positive, Becky purifies the place, chasing out the evil spirits.

Pseudoscience sells, (living) souls

Science repudiates the notion that ghosts even exist — but that hasn’t kept the mystical and psychic services market down. According to an IBISWorld report, services like ghost cleansing contribute to a more than $2B industry

But Bungalo’s not making bank on its seasonal inspection. The Casper cleansing comes at no extra cost to the homebuyer.

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