Looking for your next gig? Have you considered pet-sitting?

Pet-sitting is becoming big business after a rise in pet adoptions during the pandemic and a return to travel for many owners.

Have you ever tried to introduce 2 cats? Yeah, it’s a lot of yelling.

Looking for your next gig? Have you considered pet-sitting?

That’s just 1 reason many pet owners like hiring a pet sitter to watch their animals where they’re comfortable versus kenneling or boarding.

The pet-sitting industry is growing

The global market was worth an estimated $2.6B worldwide in 2019 and is expected to grow by 8.7% per year through 2027, per a report from Grand View Research.

That growth is due to:

  • More households adopting pets, including ~23m additional US households since the pandemic.
  • The return of holiday and leisure travel. A recent survey from Pet Sitters International found 44% of members were booking 2021 holiday sittings 6+ months in advance.
  • An increased interest in pet-sitting among the retired, self-employed, and travel-inclined.

This is creating a range of business opportunities

For example, Trusted Housesitters: a UK-based pet-sitting network that, starting at $129/yr., offers pet owners unlimited sitting from vetted members looking to exchange care for lodging.

Or there’s Rover, the Seattle-based app that matches pet owners with its 500k+ caretakers, including dog walkers, sitters, and groomers.

Fun fact: Pet Sitters International successfully campaigned to have “pet sitting” added to the Random House Dictionary in 1997.

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