How Cameo is breaking into the B2B market

Cameo’s partnership with Sendoso is part of a multi-pronged attack to establish itself in the B2B space.

October 27, 2020

Celebrity shouts are coming to a business call near you.

Last week, the personalized celeb video app Cameo announced its first B2B partnership: Users of the Sendoso platform will now be able to send messages from the likes of Michael Rapaport and Jaime Camil to customers and prospects.

Cameo’s multi-pronged B2B attack

Cameo’s chief business officer Arthur Leopold told The Hustle that the Sendoso announcement is consistent with the firm’s mission “to create the most personalized and authentic fan connections on earth.”

As a result of these efforts, “democratization of celebrity access has occurred.”

In the B2B space, Cameo has 2 other offerings in addition to the Sendoso partnership:

  • Promo Cameo: Talent can be booked to endorse brands. “Let’s say a normal Snoop Dogg greeting is $900,” says Leopold. “For $7.5k, he’ll do a shoutout for a local car dealership or pizza joint.”
  • Brand Partnerships: Full campaigns that Cameo helps manage. For instance, Activision hired gaming personality Captain Price to do 400 fan shoutouts for a new game release.

Can there be too much of a good thing?

As in, will the value of a Snoop Dogg shoutout diminish if everyone gets a shoutout?

Leopold doesn’t think so: “Think of Justin Bieber. His image is everywhere. But if he walks down the street, he’ll still get mobbed by people to take a photo.”

As unabashed fans of “Jimmy from Linkedin,” we’re rooting for any and all innovations in the B2B messaging space.

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