One way to learn copywriting? Watch a pro copywriter rewrite some landing pages.

Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples recently did copywriting makeovers for website landing pages. You’ll want to see the results.

Harry Dry operates Marketing Examples.

One way to learn copywriting? Watch a pro copywriter rewrite some landing pages.

It’s a website that masterfully dissects marketing strategies in under 3 minutes.

He recently asked companies to submit their landing pages for a rewrite and — along with expert copywriter Annie Maguire — transformed the copy.

These are our favorite makeovers, along with explanations from the master copywriters:

An SAT prep company

Key Takeaway: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

  • Kids don’t care about the next generation of SAT prep. They care about acing the SAT.
  • We also pulled up the $1 trial. And made the “five stars” feel “REALER.”

An online cooking course

Key Takeaway: Let the product speak for itself. 

  • Banquist is a unique product. But they waste their uniqueness with a vague title that could mean 50 different things.
  • The new title makes it explicitly clear what makes Banquist special. 

An app for football fans

Key Takeaway: Take ownership of the real problem.

  • European football (AKA soccer) fans don’t care about “tokens,” “surveys,” and “rewards.”
  • Fans are crying out to have their voices heard, and Socios solves this. So own it.
  • Also, add social proof. Highlight the fact that you work with Barcelona FC. 

Bonus: We challenged Harry to give Sam’s Twitter bio a makeover

Key Takeaway: More Jake and Logan Paul. 

  • First thing: Sam doesn’t have enough images of the Paul Brothers in his Twitter bio, so we fixed that.
  • He also needs a nickname that can double as a WWE character 
  • “Internet entrepreneur and investor” is vague. Own your portfolio.
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