Brief - The Hustle

One way to learn copywriting? Watch a pro copywriter rewrite some landing pages.

Written by Trung T. Phan | Nov 2, 2020 10:24:27 AM

Harry Dry operates Marketing Examples.

It’s a website that masterfully dissects marketing strategies in under 3 minutes.

He recently asked companies to submit their landing pages for a rewrite and — along with expert copywriter Annie Maguire — transformed the copy.

These are our favorite makeovers, along with explanations from the master copywriters:

An SAT prep company

Key Takeaway: Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

  • Kids don’t care about the next generation of SAT prep. They care about acing the SAT.
  • We also pulled up the $1 trial. And made the “five stars” feel “REALER.”

An online cooking course

Key Takeaway: Let the product speak for itself. 

  • Banquist is a unique product. But they waste their uniqueness with a vague title that could mean 50 different things.
  • The new title makes it explicitly clear what makes Banquist special. 

An app for football fans

Key Takeaway: Take ownership of the real problem.

  • European football (AKA soccer) fans don’t care about “tokens,” “surveys,” and “rewards.”
  • Fans are crying out to have their voices heard, and Socios solves this. So own it.
  • Also, add social proof. Highlight the fact that you work with Barcelona FC. 

Bonus: We challenged Harry to give Sam’s Twitter bio a makeover

Key Takeaway: More Jake and Logan Paul. 

  • First thing: Sam doesn’t have enough images of the Paul Brothers in his Twitter bio, so we fixed that.
  • He also needs a nickname that can double as a WWE character 
  • “Internet entrepreneur and investor” is vague. Own your portfolio.