Voting machine? Or something else…

Can you find the voting machine?

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Voting machine? Or something else…

Now that we’ve read up on voting machines, let’s get some visuals in this bad boy.

Below are 4 sets of images. Each set has:

  • 1 image of a voting machine used throughout US election history
  • 2 images of another item

Your job? Find the voting machines:

1. Candle holder OR ballot box?

2. Lever voting machine OR standing music box?

3. Punch card reader OR fax machine?

4. DRE voting machine OR electrocardiogram (ECG) machine?


  1. A (a glass globe ballot jar)
  2. A (an Acme lever voting machine)
  3. B (a punch card reader)
  4. A (definitely not an ECG)
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