Someone rescued the ‘this is fine’ dog and it’s hysterical

this is fine dog

In 2013, cartoonist K.C. Green created a webcomic of a dog enjoying a cup of coffee while everything around him was bursting in flames.

Someone rescued the ‘this is fine’ dog and it’s hysterical

As happens on the internet, folks took the most poignant part of the comic and meme’d it to infinity.

The “this is fine” dog became shorthand for when everything is falling apart but you’re forced to act cool.

2020 is the perfect year for this meme

After the announcement of Biden’s election win, a GIF of a firefighter saving the dog went viral on Twitter.

We reached out to Green to ask him what he thought about it. Turns out the GIF isn’t new. His response:

“I saw this months ago when it first made me smile during a time where it felt hard to. Now several people think I need to see it and keep asking me the same question over and over and I’m numb again.”Either way, it’s arguably the best non-Four Seasons Total Landscaping meme floating around.

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