Spotify’s genius marketing play

Spotify has turned its “year-in-review” Wrapped campaign into the ultimate marketing play.

Like the crisp winter air and obnoxiously early evenings, Spotify’s “year-in-review” Wrapped marketing campaign is upon us.

Spotify’s genius marketing play

The annual tradition gives the app’s 144m users (sometimes embarrassing) data on their most-played songs, artists, and podcasts, and encourages them to share it with the public.

Created for virality

On Medium, the designer Dheeraj Nanduri broke down the UX elements of Spotify’s Wrapped that are engineered to maximize sharing:

  • Beautiful animation and data visualization: Telling stories through numbers.
  • Easy share buttons: From both the mobile and desktop apps, to all the social networks.
  • Eye-catching colors: Bright neon-ish colors “used to convey excess, fun, and frivolity.”

We’ve been sharing ours like hotcakes in The Hustle’s Slack channel.

Through the grapevine, we also got our grubby little hands on the Spotify Wrapped list of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who recently acquired Slack for $28B.

Looks like the big man has been eyeing the deal for quite a while!

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