Robomart doesn’t deliver products… it delivers the entire store

Robomart shows that the next iteration in delivery is… store-hailing.

In the classic 1984 mock-umentary This Is Spinal Tap, a guitarist turns a volume dial from 1 to 10… then to 11, showing how the upper limits of his audio system can be transcended.

Robomart doesn’t deliver products… it delivers the entire store

A similar thing is happening in the delivery space.

While DoorDash’s IPO felt like peak delivery, there’s a new entrant turning the dial to 11: Robomart, which brings the entire store to your door.

It’s not delivery, it’s ‘store-hailing’

Robomart recently started beta testing a pharmacy van (selling fever meds to face masks) in West Hollywood.

Co-founder Ali Ahmed notes 3 benefits to the model:

  • No scheduling: Summon Robomart when you’re ready.
  • No online cart: Save time by just grabbing purchases IRL.
  • No 3rd-party shopper: Pick your own (unbruised) bananas.

Like Amazon Go, Robomart’s products are RFID tagged and the entire process is contactless, with credit cards automatically charged.

Robomart plans to go fully autonomous with more products

An early leader in the space was Moby Mart, which launched an ambitious roving walk-in store in China.

Moby Mart’s founder previously told Insider Trends, “In 20 years maybe only 1% of the grocery store chains that are operational in the world right now will be still there.”

If that’s the case — and Robomart can execute — we’ll soon have to add a No. 12 to the dial.

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